Birthdate May 5[1]
Birthplace JAPA0001.gif Japan
Height 182cm[1]
Weight 83kg[1]
Eye color Blue (EX3)

Black (SFV)

Hair color Black
Blood type B[1]
Fighting style A mix of various styles
Likes Training[1]
Dislikes Horror movies[1]
First game Street Fighter EX3

Ace is a fighter in Street Fighter EX3 who the player can assign moves to by passing tests in the edit mode. He only appears in Street Fighter EX3 but has access to moves used by some characters from the EX series. Ace wears a leather jacket with Khaki pants.


Ace is a secret agent sent by the government. He is similar to  Beta Cycloid Beta and  Gamma Cycloid Gamma in that he can copy the movements of other fighters.               

He has a device implanted in his spine which can analyze cards, which hold data on fighting skills, and by loading them, he can learn every type of mixed martial art.[1]               

Ace's movesetEdit

Ace starts off with only his command moves, throw and Surprise Blow. He can obtain more moves by purchasing them at the store in in Character Edit Mode. Passing challenges with Ace gives him access to more moves he can buy. He can buy all the avalible moves but is only allowed to be assigned seven total special moves and super comboes and one metor combo in his movelist. Also special moves with the same input can't be used at the same time. If you use Ace on Arcade Mode he will have the ability to level up the Special Moves to their full potential by doing combos with the moves at a certain time, if this works Ace will say "Okay"






Composer: Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Takayuki Aihara

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